Thursday, January 17, 2008

So now I'm also learning how to knit. Of course I couldn't knit something easy like a dish cloth or a scarf as my first project... No, not me!! I had to start on a Pirate. Harry the Pirate. Isn't he cute? I know, I know, he needs some hair and some clothes (and a sword and a hook, says my 4 year old), but I think he's cute. He's from the book Dream Toys by Claire Garland. I just love this book. I want to buy it, and her embroidery book too. They are filled with really wonderful things to make.
But look what I just found: how to knit a life sized pirate hook for my little boy to play with. This will be a great follow-up project.

I'll post some pictures of Harry when he is more modestly dressed.
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