Thursday, January 17, 2008

Over Christmas, I started a new hobby that has become a love of mine. It is so simple, involving only a handfull of wool roving, and a felting needle (a long skinny needle with barbs on it that felts the wool fibres together). If you are like me, you might also need a small supply of bandaids for the many pokes you get in your fingers.

This is my first needle felted project: A Mary doll with baby Jesus. I gave this one away to a special little girl on her birthday.

This is my second attempt at Mary. I now want to make a donkey, a sheep, Joseph, an angel and maybe the three wise men. We'll see if I can get it all done for next Christmas. I love the soft look of these sculptures. They make you want to touch them (and touch them you can as they are not breakable at all).
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Christina said...

excellent job. What a good first project to attempt, that of being Mary. Keep it up.

-fellow crafty mom