LIke I have time for this...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

or anything, really, besides changing diapers, cleaning, making meals, nursing and doing laundry. ..

But over the Christmas holidays, while my darling husband was on vacation for almost 3 weeks, my creative side that I've been keeping quiet for the last few years surfaced, and I loved the peace it brought to my soul.

There is something so lovely about being able to create something of beauty from your own hands. It adds such dimension to my vocation as wife and mother. I want to help beautify my little corner of the world... keep my home a warm and cozy haven for my family.

I'm not the most amazing artist you've ever seen, and most of the crafty things I do are not sewn to perfection, nor are they worthy of an etsy store or a gallery... I'm really just another crafty mom. There are tonnes of these blogs popping up all over the blogsphere, and I enjoy reading many of them through my beloved google reader... not to mention all of the beautiful and inspiring photos of work you can browse on Flikr. This is my own space to keep track of the work I am doing and to inspire me to continue to nurture my heart with beauty.

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